Our Spring Initiatives:

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Save the Date: Annual Volleyball Tournament to Benefit NEF

Date: June 24th( Rain Date 25th)

Time: 11am

Place: Calf Pasture Beach

Rules & Information:

  • Sign up as a Team or Individual (we will build you a team)
  • $40.00 per PLAYER
  • Please provide an ability choice , novice , good , very good
  • Norwalk Parks and Rec rules apply- 4,5,or 6 on court at a time with 4 one must be a girl , with 5 or 6 on court two must be girls
  • Teams can be as many as you like , rotate people in
  • Admission includes Shirts , lunch , snacks , soft drinks , trophies for top 4 teams , DJ entertainment
  • Please register early, this event fills up fast
  • Any Questions, please contact Vinny Scicchitano 203-515-0365
  • To Register please send an email to info@norwalkeducation.org
  • Payment- Checks can be sent to NEF @ 125 East Ave, Norwalk CT 3rd Fl or they can be dropped off at Accurate Auto @ 9 Fitch St, Norwalk CT.



      Fifth Annual O’Neill’s 5k, In Memory of Annie Curtin

             To Benefit the Norwalk Education Foundation                                                                                                                              NEF

Sunday May 21,  11 A.M.

                              O’Neills Pub & Restaurant                                                                                                                        93 North Main Street                                                                                          South Norwalk, CT

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Congratulations to our 3rd Annual Shark Tank Winners:

Fox Runshark tank photo 3


shark tank photo 2 shark tank photo 1 NHS Naramake Fox Run 2 Columbus

School Student Name Project Title
NHS James Roberts, Jasmine Martins Give a Hand
Salverio Campagna, Luis Vega
Danny Zarate-Romero, Alex Morrissey
Emma Guilbault, Alex Ruther
NHS Riley Robinson How We See It
NHS Ryan Stelly, Aasim Vhora, Mattis Karlehag  First Robotics
Katrell Clay
NHS Gracie Bradley and Sam Troetti Unified Sports Teams
West Rocks Raymond Lin, Jacob Goldstein Robotics
Colin Hong, Joshua Young, Jaden Alicea
Justin Reyes, James Bergan, Jake Donovan
Greg Fiftol, Leo Reyes
Fox Run TJ Rysz and Stella Mazzo Legos
Fox Run Bobbie Dropick, Ashley Rysz TV Studio
Sophia Mazzo
Fox Run Bella Dropick, Rmily Forbes, Faith Ortolano Fidget Basket
Tracey Holden Legette Recyle
Columbus Cameron Rice and Emmett Rice Recess Equipment
Naramake Owen Fraleigh and Carolo Tucci Pulling out their Hair


Teacher Mini- Grants: 

Congratulations to the winners of the Teacher Mini-Grants:

Teacher School Project Title
Jacqueline DellliSanti, Lisa Heimerle, Melissa O’Donnell
Vocabulary Building Trip for ESL students
Jacqueline DellliSanti
Common Core Reading Library
Diana White
Bringing Drawings to life with 3-D Technology
Covilakath Pivazyan,Sobha Kizhakke
 Science Olympiad Team
David Rich
Process oriented guide inquiry learning
Sal Bryk
A Natures Classroom experience for those not attending NC
John Skopp
Electric Car-Class Pack
Stephanie Tom
Middle School Amusement
Dean Vaccaro,Mark Jackson
Makin History Come Alive
Catherine White,Robin Gredinger
Fox Run
Super Flex Academy
Jennifer Cobbs
Access for All
Jacquelyn Lamb
Social Thinking
Kimberly Helthaler
Seminar on Co-Teaching and Resilence
Caitlin DeForest
New Wooden Table
Lisa Malizia
Fox Run
Marine Biology in Kindergarten
Iziar Mikolic
Building Friendships Game Cart
Kerry Rice
Enhancing Student Engagement
Lisa Chadha
Mystery to Every Lesson
Stefan Steiner
Alternative Classroom Seating
Dee Walters
Full Steam Ahead with Osmos




Norwalk Education Foundation

  • Mission

The Norwalk Education Foundation is committed to providing support for student learning experiences and enriching teacher practices.  Our mission is accomplished by collaborating with community partners to fund programs that enhance student learning, promote student well-being, and expand teacher resources and innovation.

  • Teacher Resources and Innovation

NEF offers teacher mini-grants to develop and implement instructional projects that motivate and challenge students to learn. Proposals must support unique classroom projects that enliven and enrich the curriculum.

  • Enhance Student Learning

The Shark Tank competition requires students to “sell” a proposal to enhance their school.  In the past, ideas have addressed academics, extra-curricular activities, social-emotional well being, physical health/nutrition and safety.  We awarded several thousand dollars to support 30 student proposals in the past 2 years.

  • Community Collaboration

The College Essay Mentor program began in 2015.   Teachers, administrators and volunteers from the community, were trained by a college essay consultant to coach high school seniors.  After the first year, an admissions officer from UCONN contacted Norwalk High School to say she has never read such great essays from Norwalk.

NEF partners with community organizations to host community outreach workshops.  This fall, we are hosting a College Admission Workshop and a Stress Management panel for teens and parents.

  • Student Social and Emotional Health

NEF’s newest initiative addresses the high levels of stress that research has identified as a major difficulty for adolescents. In 2015, we piloted a program to teach kids stress-reduction techniques like meditation. Based on the positive data collected through this pilot program, NEF plans to offer such workshops to all middle and high school students in the fall.  NEF also partners with Norwalk ACTS working with the Health and Wellness workgroup to bring mindful meditation to the high school students.

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