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Stress Management & Meditation workshops at NHS



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Free SAT Prep Class:

Students can apply online at : https://www.tfaforms.com/419480
Coaches can apply : https://www.tfaforms.com/415173



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Laszlo Balazs Snap Circuit Junior Columbus
Alexa Smith, Dave Smith & Ryen Waters Storage Containers Rowayton
Sophia Roberts, Victoria Ward, Robert Boucher, Zah Yuschuk, Chloe Zako Sports Club Naramake
Camille Barclay Outdoor Recess Marvin
Maria Kougioumtzidis Music Room Naramake
Soleene Barclay Fidgits Marvin
Cayden Benitez & Thomas Forbes Library Fish Tank Fox Run
Heather Bjerke Take a Stand Ponus
Jackson Waters Band Equipment Roton
Jacob Goldstein, Michelle Garcia, Camilla Martinez,Adam Brown, Justin Royes Robotics West Rocks

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At the Norwalk Education Foundation, we work to address gaps in education by offering supplemental programming which will strengthen outcomes for all students. Norwalk is rich in cultural diversity and also challenged by the diverse needs of our students.  Many children thrive, graduate from high school and go onto college or an alternative training. Yet 50% of children are not kindergarten ready and do not read fluently by 3rd grade. It is the work of the Norwalk Education Foundation, partnering with Norwalk Public Schools, to address inequities in education and level the playing field for all children. To do so, NEF supports excellence and innovation in Norwalk Public Schools. We impact students, teachers and families:

  • Classroom Excellence and Innovation: NEF funded twelve school projects this year alone. Whether it’s hands on experience as broadcast journalists, forensic scientists or presenters for “Shark Tank” competition, these funds spark learning.
  • College and Career Readiness:  NEF has launched a College Mentor Program to assist students in the college application process. This is a first step toward a more formal college readiness program.
  • Community Outreach:  NEF convenes parents, students, community members and the school system for discussions on topics like College Planning and Common Core State Standards.
  • Technology Education:  NEF funds 23 Tech Coaches in all 19 schools who receive training which they bring back to their respective schools so that all teachers can provide the most up-to-date instruction.

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